Once More Around The Sun is just the first of one blog to be published on MoonBase: Earth.  Sure you’ve read better, but it just gives you a nice warm feeling to know you didn’t have to write this yourself.

You’re welcome. Really.

4 Responses to About

  1. Alice Watkins says:

    Well done! Are you going to continue the word of the day, or was that random filler? Maybe take suggestions for the word of the day? I suggest “cerulean” I know it is blue, but just what shade? And why am I supposed to know this?

    • admin says:

      Well, why not? I’m sure I know of several obscure words!

      • Alice Watkins says:

        If this becomes a hit I will have to make up a bogus name so you will know it is me, but no one else will. Sheesh, I didn’t think about my name showing. What a noob I can bee sometimes…

  2. Alice Watkins says:

    err “be” not “bee”. Don’t want to be charged the superfluous “e” tax!

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