Second verse, same as the first…

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I miss Calvin and Hobbes. It was a brilliant look into a child’s imagination that has had no equal. I don’t claim to be anywhere near as talented a writer as Bill Watterson, nor as talented an artist as someone sneezing onto your screen. (Obviously. Snort some tri-colored pepper and lean close–you’ll make better art yourself!) Yet, the idea of a child (and not even a human one, at that) in a totally different environment amuses me. So, I’m just going to have fun with that for awhile.

Still working on the overall look of the characters. And no, the dialogue will not always be this bad. I’m trying to get the feel of working with the tools, so a lot of this stuff is just placeholder.

Hey, the original Dilbert drawings were pretty bad, too, but Scott Adams is a zillionaire now. Go figure.

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  1. diva says:

    I kind of like the lego people, they’re much better than I could do. And if lego people weren’t your models, well darn it they should be! Claim them proudly!

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