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Score One More for the Little Guys!

“Order of the Stick” web comic creator Rich Burlew successfully raised over one and a quarter MILLION dollars with his Kickstarter project! OOTS is a long-running webcomic and one of my inspirations to create MBE in the first place.  Congratulations, … Continue reading

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Ever noticed…

Ever noticed that it’s the shade that’s both the problem and the solution?

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So What Happened To All The Cool Blog Plans?

Mark it down to yet another of those crazy ideas of mine that sound so good when I start them, yet utterly fail when it comes to executing them. I don’t really know why I have so much trouble finishing … Continue reading

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Words for Today: Obelus and Pilcrow…

In the category of Names for Things You Didn’t Even Know Had Names, I found two odd ones today. Remember the division sign they taught you in elementary school? The one that looks like a minus sign with a dot … Continue reading

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The Catfish House

The other day, an old schoolmate of mine posted on Facebook that her husband was cooking at a local restaurant and asked us all to come out if we could.  I try to support my friends wherever I can, so … Continue reading

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Second verse, same as the first…

I miss Calvin and Hobbes. It was a brilliant look into a child’s imagination that has had no equal. I don’t claim to be anywhere near as talented a writer as Bill Watterson, nor as talented an artist as someone … Continue reading

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Food from across the pond?

Some jokes just write themselves…

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A Lonely Planet

If you are under the age of 38, no living being has walked on the Moon in your lifetime. Go fix that.

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I Envy Creative People, Especially Artists

Even with my many talents, I still regret not being able to draw the most.

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Two Dozen Seagulls, and THAT Guy…

So we all know what it’s like in the beachfront of life, right? Everyone wears the same feathers, scratching out a living on scraps with all their seagull buddies, trying to find an unoccupied fencepost, and laughing at all the … Continue reading

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