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A Lonely Planet

If you are under the age of 38, no living being has walked on the Moon in your lifetime. Go fix that.

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I Envy Creative People, Especially Artists

Even with my many talents, I still regret not being able to draw the most.

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Two Dozen Seagulls, and THAT Guy…

So we all know what it’s like in the beachfront of life, right? Everyone wears the same feathers, scratching out a living on scraps with all their seagull buddies, trying to find an unoccupied fencepost, and laughing at all the … Continue reading

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So why “Moon Base: Earth”, of all things?

Well, the answer to that one is fairly simple. Since the Internet went from a geeky research tool to an indispensable part of our lives, the grab for unique addresses (or domain names, as they’re known) has pretty much ended, … Continue reading

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What’s a little crepuscularity among friends?

Ever see those awesome sun rays come from behind a cloud? There is a name for that–they’re called “crepuscular rays”, and now you have your word for the day!

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The Hawk-eyed Will Notice…

…that the blog has little content at the moment, but that will change.  For now, how do you like this pic of a Red-Tailed Hawk I took a few weeks ago?

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And So It Begins…

Welcome! Of course, you can’t have a blog with no content, so I’ll start: your third toe has no official name. This is a call for action! ;-)

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